Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Death of Tchaikovsky - A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Do you think you know all about Sherlock Holmes? Did you ever reconsidered the interpretation of Tchaikovsky‘s death?

Forget it. The source is open. Think of the following story:

Death of Tchaikovsky in mysterious circumstances in St Petersburg in 1893 coincides exactly with the period when Sherlock Holmes had gone off incognito on his travels after „disappearing“ in the Reichenbach Falls. One of the countries he visited was Russia. Tchaikovsky witnessed the fight between Moriarty and Holmes at the Reichenbach Falls - becomming the only witness of the fact that it was not Moriarty that perished in the Falls, but Holmes! Moriarty then adopts Holmes‘s persona and goes travelling - with main purpose to track down the one witness, Tchaikovsky, and eliminate him. This he does successfully in 1893 ...

Funny? Interesting? Read more in Miles Kington‘s column.

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