Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Young blood

Do you like it? Are you attracted by it`s colour or smell? In that case it is flowing just for you – so enjoy it. Place of the feast: Bratislava, Palffy palace, Panska Street. It`s oveflowing in big streams there.

Juraj Puchovský, Michaela Nociarová-Rázusová, Petra Ševčíková, Ildikó Pálová, Igor Ondruš, Jozef Srna, Rastislav Podoba, Katarína Balážová, Ivona Žirková, Monika Hrachovinová, Ján Vasilko and others.

Miscellaneous blood group, blood young but not always fresh. The paintings of the young Slovak generation, sometimes just applying the colour on the suraface only. However, the last of the Mohicans acknowledging any value of painting today. I like the painting. As a vampire and not only during the nights.

I really like the blood of Jozef Srna (please, take notice, that here is the end of any objective coverage and begins the personal opinion), his clouds and skies in variety of forms, portrait or excelently executed figure. Jozef is cool guy and I am his fan. Maybe once I will bring you an interview with him (if he is willing to talk).

I spent a longer time by figural paintings of J. Puchovsky, I cought resonation of the courage to present a man, who quite often keeps his mouth open.

K. Balazova is exhibiting an interiors, they remind me of my recent workshop I inhabited. Doors by doors, the walls by side and some windows there. I like these forms.

The painting with good point – The eye of a prophet from R. Podoba. Great space to interpret, the mirror to the future or past. Rooted nowadays.

There was as well quite an interesting portrait Behind glass-glazing. I. Žirková.

And than The way to hell by I. Ondrus. Sometimes I think of similair paintings as of cliché. Kind of moralistic approach. I really keep distance from such a works of art, but maybe Ondrus is a different case. Come, see it yourself and make your judgement.

What the staff of the gallery thinks about the exhibition? A young man in basement definitely recognizes as a best painting the Highway to hell. He hopes it does not reflect the reality. „Some of the paintings are more interesting and some of them less. Some of them would attract children. But I think, everybody can find his cup of tea here."

Conclusion: there is a quotation on the painting of Vasilko: „Once the art will be as a hockey“. I have a feeling it already is. Most important is the tension, violence and „the young blood“.

PS: Please, leave the message of being here and reading this article. The exhibition „Young blood“ is open untill 6. may 2007.

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