Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There is no end to cubism

Many people think the cubism was a domain of Pablo Picasso and his contemporaries. The time is proving opposite - in right hands and on right place the cubism can flourish even today.

Jacob Michal Splho ink drawing figure

Michal Splho - Jakob and his flock

That is my own experience. I have painted lot of cubistic paintings, I drew plenty of cubistic compositions. The market surprised me - buyers are open for cubism even today. Almost all my cubistic paintings were sold in short time. I even painted cubistic interpretations of old masters paintings.

One from Rembrandt was very successful and I liked it so much I decided not to sell it and keep it for myself. Funny enough, I met lot of people who were decided to buy it for any price. As I keep my decisions, I offered to paint a copy of the successful painting - and I had to do it twice.

Michal Splho Rembrandt Jesus washing feet cubism oilpainting
Michal Splho - Jesus washing the feet of his disciples / interpretation of Rembrandt's ink drawing

Michal Splho Rembrandt St Peter in prison cubism oilpainting
Michal Splho - St. Peter in prison / interpretation of Rembrandt's oil painting

That is the story of cubism today. I made research in my archive of drawings and I have found a few made by ink and piece of wood stick which are very suitable for art lovers today. That style of drawing is exceptional and characteristic for my period 2002 - 2004 when I created dozens of drawings in this style.

Michal Splho ink drawing cubism head figure
Michal Splho - Figureheads

I offer that drawings on eBay and you can be the one who will put it on the wall in your gallery. Just check it out at My listings page.

Have any question? Feel free to comment, ask or send a private message. I will be glad to answer and pass more information about the drawings, style or topic.

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