Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Art of youth

The Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava is a place causing mixed emotions to its students as well as to its visitors. But anyway, if we search for a place, where the future of the culture is born in this country, this is the right one. Mostly because there is no other choice.

Twice a year The Academy is open for public. You can go in and walk through the workshops and have a look at the works of students. You may have all kind of expectations before seeing the show and you will be filled with very different feelings after you finish the inspection. Last time I participated the weekend of the open doors in January. Honestly, after my previous experience I decided to walk only through the department of painting.

abstract painting
Author of the painting: Sylvia Cechova

Facing the courage and self-confidence of young people I am slowly realising my age. But, for the sake of respectability and diplomacy, this time I will focus on the works I found interesting or even attractive. Other does not matter. The word "painting" for me has a particular content based on certain experience. More specifically a historical experience, which in the light of Academy production looks pretty out-fashioned.

Well, in spite of this I can introduce a few interesting authors and works worthy to be seen. The choice is purely subjective.

Author of the paintings: Lucia Talova
city view painting
abstract city view
abstract painting
I found catching look series of decorative paintings induced from a city views – in transcending to a slight abstraction they are very suitable for a company's representative interiors. With potential to get paid well, of course. After a short discussion the author – Lucia Talova, expressed slight disagreement with my opinion that it is decorative. But is not a good decorative painting a piece of art too? Is it something minor? I do not think so. These paintings were well done.

Author of the paintings: Kristina Simekova
abstraction Kristina
abstraction Kristina
colorful abstraction

Pure abstract forms with special choice of colours is quite a tradition at this academy. Year after year the students repeat almost the same repertoire. From time to time some of them get free from that standard and offer something more spectacular. Such is Kristina Simekova, whom I know personally and in the future I will try to interview her. Her paintings shake my attention particularly with the choice of colours. Sometimes it feels quite bold to me, something as a manner of youth rebellion. But these are just a few paintings in the light of what may and must come. I expect bursting of creativity in the near future, so let's wait and see.

Author of the paintings: Agnesa Urgeova
portrait prints
portrait prints

These are the works I got most inspired of, mostly because I am involved in figure painting. Series of portraits titled "Wanted". Monotypic prints implying portraits, where the raw features of a face can be recognized. Hang on the wall, about ten pieces side by side, leaving deep impression of freedom to imagine all the possible connotations - from horror to basic sketch of portrait. The author was facing slight critique from academy authorities, taking it seriously and thinking of adjusting the future work to their suggestions. But, to me the prints worked well, I really felt they were good and wished to see more from the author's production. Maybe she will be willing to answer some questions. Surely you will hear more about her soon.

Did you like the show? Feel free to comment the artwork, ask questions to the authors, I can provide answers in future posts. Even more: Do you study in an academy of fine arts? Do you think your works could be shown here, interviewed by me? Leave your link, let others know your work. This is the right place for it.

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