Friday, February 22, 2008

Morandi retrospective

Just recently I met a few young people at my workshop. We had an interesting chat, looked through my new paintings and I got a new things to learn. To be specific, the fact, that nothing can stop young generation today. Twenties does not mean a free space available to fill. It is uneasy to astonish a young Prometheus with an unknown information. Mostly because the unknown information does not exist for him. Where have the times gone...

In the age of internet there are no secrets. Where had Salvador Dali stolen his motives from? What colours were on Rembrand's palete? Where did Picasso hide his bank notes? How many children had Vermeer? Are we screwed up? Click, click - the fingers dance tango on the keyboard and the sreen will spit out the answer in less than a second: We are not srewed up.

I tested the young blood with many secrets and got convinced word by word, that the hiden knowledge is not "in" anymore. All is revealed. We tasted a wine and I tried several aces of spades: seven layers painting technique, Carravaggio's painting style, El Greco's miracles of complementary colour combinations placed in monochromatic space, Goethe's theory of colours. Prometheus came up with Morandi.

Giorgio Moranadi? I sharpened my attention. He knows a lot, but Morandi? How can he know about Morandi in his age? How can the Italian genius gain attention of this young abstractionist in the bloom of his development and power? What more, here in Slovakia? Well, maybe not all is lost.

Great Morandi, who did not leave his studio in Bologna during all his life. His paintings - as an escape from time and space, a strange effect he elicited by removing labels from the bottles, dials from a clock and people from landscapes. Pure metaphysics. The heros in main role: bottles, bowls, kettles, cups, ceramics. In the final part of the show they get pure abstract form, dissolving on the limit of recognition of the real world. In Morandi's words: There is nothing more surreal and abstract than reality.

Well, we cannot enjoy Morandi here in Slovakia, but for the lucky ones crossing the New York in autumn time, there is opportunity to visit retrospective of his works in The Metropolitan Museum of Art - aproximately 110 paintings, drawings and etchings. September 16 - December 14, 2008. Maybe we will meet there.

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